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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Give Up... Get Better Odds in the Change Game

A fresh calendar each January inspires us to do what can become impossible by July... "Get organized" often ranks high on folks' lists of new year's resolutions, but things don't always pan out the way we envision. Each new year's resolutions come at the wrong time of the year, surrounded by excessive calendar clutter amidst great fun and frivolous celebration, making change a very difficult thing to accomplish. Therefore, the inevitable bit of backsliding we experience can make us feel like we've blown it or the game's over. Hold on! Rather than waiting until next January, let's take a moment to really think this through... If you were driving from Florida to Maine and got lost in North Carolina, would you simply turn around and return to Florida? Not likely. Instead, you'd probably find your way and continue traveling to your destination. Getting organized is the exact same thing: it's a process, not just an event. A little bit of backsliding doesn't mean we give up on the goal of making our desired changes; instead, take today as your New Year's Day and start over with your resolution to "get organized", understanding that "good enough" is so much better than "perfect" in the process of organizing. Your best bet for long-term success is small, slow, realistic steps with transformation coming from incremental change. Take it easy on yourself. Don't feel guilty if you backslide, and do not give up. Try a moderate approach that will produce better results in the long-term, and stay tuned to this blog for tips and ideas about how to make that happen. Here's to a great, more organized remainder of 2010!