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Friday, July 31, 2020

Final Friday's Fab Finds for July 2020

As the temperatures are rising now that we're over a month into summer and yet another hurricane is heading our way, there's still so much happening around us: the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, America's economy just had its worst quarter on record, our communities work toward racial justices, and we all try to balance commitments while focusing on getting done what matters most. Amidst the mental and emotional overwhelm, it's vital to fill our toolboxes with what will best boost productivity and help us cultivate the lives we want. For this final Friday's fab finds, here are a handful of the lovely things I currently can't live without.

While many air purifiers simply collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and release back into the air, Molekule air purifiers are different. They actually destroy the pollutants instead, and, having added them to my home, I can really feel the difference in my home's air quality. As someone with both seasonal allergies and asthma, I normally have greater symptoms throughout the spring and into summer as well as autumn, but I've really experienced relief since bringing the Molekule air purifiers into my home, using two of the Air versions to make sure I'm covered. Plus, I have to admit that they've provided a little reassurance during the COVID-19 global pandemic, keeping out some of the world's viruses and VOCs to help me breathe easier.

One of my favorite spots for amazing coffee in the Triangle area of North Carolina is Jubala Coffee, and, as a response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and folks not being okay with sitting in a coffee shop, they added the option of ordering Jubala's own Batch Iced Latte, which is 64 ounces of latte based on your preference for flavor and milk. Built on its relationships with coffee communities from which the coffee is sourced, Jubala has a deep dedication to the farmers and partnering with them to provide a top quality product. Every cup is fresh, offers a flavorful taste, supports the local community and has the world's greater good in mind throughout the entire production process. Better yet, there are two locations from which to choose so you can swing by whichever shop is more convenient to you.

As the world is taking 2020 to reflect on what matters most, there is great fluctuation and evolution in the routines that have been developing for me as well as my clients. I have found the Streaks Productivity App to be super powerful in turning behaviors into habits for routines that better enable us to get done what matters most. The app allows for choosing up to 12 tasks that you want to turn into daily habits, like exercising, meditating, drinking a certain amount of water, writing out that for which you are grateful, eating a vegetable, writing a personalized note or calling a friend. Each day that you complete a task, your streak is extended. Streaks is available for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac so you can update your progress via any device, easily tracking your results to stay motivated.

No list of fab finds for July 2020 could be complete without the Hamilton film. If you've not seen this yet, make time this weekend to access it from Disney+. You won't regret the two hours and 40 minutes invested in watching the movie. It is no exaggeration when Lin Manuel Miranda explains that "This is a story about America then, told by America now", and it's a must-see for for hope or inspiration. "Hamilton" blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway to convey the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton in a manner that is unlike anything I've seen before. Watching this explains how our country's founding fathers had a vision for a more perfect union, making Independence Day the start of our never-ending efforts at continuous improvement as we move eternally towards that idealistic vision.

As an update from last month's fab finds, I'm continuing my way through Michelle Obama's Becoming, thoroughly engrossed by her delivery of each and every story. Plus, the good news is that my Marble Queen Pothos from The Zen Succulent is still alive, which is quite the achievement. Did you get a chance to try any of my recommendations?

I’d love to know what you’re currently using, loving and finding can bring you a little comfort amidst the hectivity of life. Add a comment here or email me, and maybe I’ll give your suggestion a try for an upcoming “Final Friday’s Fab Finds” post. Take care, y’all!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Seeking Simplicity?

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day is observed every year on July 12th, honoring the life, work and philosophies of Henry David Thoreau, who advocated for living a simple life via poetry, in his books and as a transcendentalist.

In our modern-day world, life is complicated by so much: the pings and dings of technology, the clutter amidst our calendars and to-do lists alike, the avalanche of communications received via email, calls, texts, social media, snail mail, technology and mainstream media... The list goes on and on. Yet, amidst our current pandemic, I see so many refocusing on their truest priorities, people taking time to reconnect with loved ones while actually slowing down a bit, new routines being turned into necessary habits as well as an emphasis on listening to what our minds, bodies and spirits truly need.

Whether you think of "simplicity" in terms of being plain, natural or easy to understand, I believe this National Simplicity Day is an ideal time to really align our actions with what matters most to us, including the personal mission, vision, core values and life desired to cultivate for each of us. How will you choose to let go of life's complications to make room in each day's 1,440 minutes for what's most important to you?

Some ideas for slowing down and living deliberately include the following:

  • Think deeply about what matters most to you.
  • Put things on your calendar that align with your priorities and the life you want.
  • Adopt a new attitude by being deliberate in how your time is invested.
  • Expend as much energy to reflect, live in the moment and appreciate life as you schedule for when to get things done.
  • Shift your focus from "all the things" to what you can actually control.
  • Utilize Do, Decide When, Delegate and Delete from Eisenhower's Matrix so your resources go toward what only you can do first.

Where will you choose to start in your efforts to celebrate National Simplicity Day?