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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Seeking Simplicity?

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day is observed every year on July 12th, honoring the life, work and philosophies of Henry David Thoreau, who advocated for living a simple life via poetry, in his books and as a transcendentalist.

In our modern-day world, life is complicated by so much: the pings and dings of technology, the clutter amidst our calendars and to-do lists alike, the avalanche of communications received via email, calls, texts, social media, snail mail, technology and mainstream media... The list goes on and on. Yet, amidst our current pandemic, I see so many refocusing on their truest priorities, people taking time to reconnect with loved ones while actually slowing down a bit, new routines being turned into necessary habits as well as an emphasis on listening to what our minds, bodies and spirits truly need.

Whether you think of "simplicity" in terms of being plain, natural or easy to understand, I believe this National Simplicity Day is an ideal time to really align our actions with what matters most to us, including the personal mission, vision, core values and life desired to cultivate for each of us. How will you choose to let go of life's complications to make room in each day's 1,440 minutes for what's most important to you?

Some ideas for slowing down and living deliberately include the following:

  • Think deeply about what matters most to you.
  • Put things on your calendar that align with your priorities and the life you want.
  • Adopt a new attitude by being deliberate in how your time is invested.
  • Expend as much energy to reflect, live in the moment and appreciate life as you schedule for when to get things done.
  • Shift your focus from "all the things" to what you can actually control.
  • Utilize Do, Decide When, Delegate and Delete from Eisenhower's Matrix so your resources go toward what only you can do first.

Where will you choose to start in your efforts to celebrate National Simplicity Day?

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