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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just a Few of My Favorite Tools...

With NBC airing a live production of The Sound of Music on December 5th, I can't get that song "A Few of My Favorite Things" out of my head. Therefore, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite apps. As I often repeat, there is no one-size-fits-all for organizing so there are many alternatives that might better suit YOUR unique needs; I preface this post with the caveat that these are just the apps (and one website!) that I currently can't live without, all for Android & iOS alike. Here are a few of my favorite tech tools:

1. Evernote - Online research, articles to review, ideas for upcoming workshops, client notes, checklists and much, much more... There's just too much for my little brain to remember, which is why Evernote's ability to help me "remember everything" is vital. My information syncs real-time between all my devices, and I can quickly locate what I need when I need it. Amazing tool!

2. Dropbox - Whether it's a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or PDF image, when I'm traversing the state, it's important to be able to quickly and easily access what files are needed; plus, many files are too large to email while many recipients are frightful to open unexpected attachments. Dropbox solves both issues: I can store files in the cloud to share between devices and easily share with others.

3. EasilyDo - This "smart assistant" helps me get things done, like joining a conference call with one tap, sending birthday wishes, keeping my travel documents handy and automatically updating changes to my contacts. Yes, Siri is a great option for iOS while Google Now helps Android users, but EasilyDo gives me another boost.

4. Square Register - I'm often meeting clients in your own offices or out at a public location, making it imperative to have a tool for collecting credit card payments while out-and-about. Square is easy to use and reasonably priced.

5. DocuSign - In my effort to limit paper, DocuSign has become more and more a part of my day-to-day workflow, allowing clients to sign off on agreements remotely and me to keep those signed documents in an electronic form, whether in Evernote or Dropbox.

6. Dolphin Browser - This free, mobile web browser is customizable, allows for voice and gesture controls, offers extremely fast results and includes the ability to save / share content to Evernote, Facebook and Twitter.

7. AroundMe - With all my traversing across North Carolina, this app helps me quickly locate the closest coffee shop, gas station, movie theatre, parking deck, restaurant, supermarket or bank, allows me to search for specific businesses in the vicinity and shows the local weather report for wherever I might be located.

8. Skype - Meeting virtually with clients nationwide requires a tool for face-to-face connections without having to travel any further than the screen of my tech tool. Quick, easy and free = an awesome combo!

9. WRAL's Sports Fan - As a fan of the David Glenn Radio Show broadcast noon - 3pm statewide, I like to catch what portions I can between appointments or while working on my Mac. Sometimes, I'm not in a position to listen to it on the radio, but this app makes it possible to catch the broadcast from wherever I'm working.

10. PaperKarma - Want to cut down on the mail coming into your home or business? No need to go through the hassle of Catalog Choice... Just scan your address from the mailer into PaperKarma and block future mailings.

11. Doodle - Committee meetings, client sessions with corporate teams, planning appointments with those supporting my business efforts... There are countless times I need to schedule face-to-face commitments with groups of people. With, folks vote for which suggested option works best, and we schedule the meeting for whatever date / time works best for most.

12. MusicID - As someone who enjoys many different kinds of music, I'm often hearing a tune I like and wondering about the title / artist. When in doubt, I open MusicID, click "Identify Song" and hold the phone near my speakers. Very quickly, all my questions about the song are answered, and I can hop to iTunes to buy it.

Which are your favorite apps? And which are the apps without which you just couldn't survive?!? Please comment below and share this post with those you think would enjoy these helpful tools.

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