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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Pleasure to Share "Be More Productive While Working On-The-Go" with Professional Mortgage Women

 Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Raleigh - Triangle chapter for the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. You can learn more about their organization at Meanwhile, since these lovely ladies enjoyed my presentation so thoroughly, here are some of my presentation’s tidbits for you, too.

- Make sure you have the right tools to support working on-the-go… Do you use a smartphone, tablet, 2-in-1 and / or laptop? Are your email, contacts and calendar syncing properly between your various devices so there’s less repetitive actions?

- Always keep tools near you for charging or providing back-up power to your devices, no matter what types of devices you use. Using GRID-IT organizers to keep a set of necessary tools wherever you might be working is helpful, culling together charging cords, flash drives, headphones or earbuds and the like via one for your office, one for your bag and one for your vehicle. Likewise, Mophie’s rechargeable juice packs keep your smartphone going for hours extra.

- It’s even more important than ever to clean each of your tech tool’s exterior regularly as most of us simply do not have time to be getting sick… Do you have a microfiber cloth to use on your smartphone, tablet and 2-in-1 devices?

- It is easier to find what we need more quickly if it’s stored electronically. Invest in a quality scanner for uploading your docs to various online file repositories and, then, choose between Citrix ShareFile Quick Edit for iOS and CloudCube for Android to cull your databases on different online file repositories so you stop wasting time searching.

- Consider how your processes need to be adjusted to transition from offices to mobile environments. There are plenty of tools to help: DocuSignHelloSign and SignNow for electronic signatures; eFaxMyFax and RingCentral for faxing; PicMonkeyAnimoto as well as Skitch to edit imagery for advertising; TimeTrade for scheduling.

- Above all, though, “practice the power of one” with one calendar, one daily to-do list, one running list of tasks to be addressed, one data dump, one address book and one weekly strategy session. This approach helps you avoid duplication, prevent forgetting things, quickly find what you need when you need it and focus on addressing all that’s important.

What tips and tidbits do you utilize to be more productive while working on-the-go? With what do you struggle as you’re working from mobile environments, like planes, trains or automobiles?

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