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Thursday, December 4, 2014

This Evernote Business Certified Consultant Can Help

Recently, I completed a comprehensive and rigorous training program to be selected as an Evernote Business Certified Consultant. This is a new certification that Evernote created so companies and teams can find experts in their own backyards to help them best implement Evernote Business. Using my certification, I can assist you and your team in increasing your productivity, passing along the latest updates as well as what's happening with Evernote and what best practices might best aid your specific workflows.

Technology can be overwhelming, but, with a tool like Evernote, one can easily increase their productivity and create a clutter-free environment. Since 2009, I've offered Evernote workshops, adding Evernote courses in North Carolina State University's Technology Training Solutions unit just this past fall. By becoming an Evernote Business Certified Consultant, I've exhibited expertise in helping professionals implement this suite of tools across their businesses, expanding on the training I provide as to how Evernote can help individuals as well as teams increase their productivity.

What is Evernote?
Evernote is a secure suite of apps that allows users to capture typed text, video and audio files, checklists, web clippings as well as photos, including photos of handwritten notes. In this database, content can be created by the user or culled in from other sources. Plus, all elements of the database are easy to sort, edit, search and share. Even writing within imagery, whether handwritten or typed, can be searched! Evernote's ubiquity allows for accessing the same information everywhere at the same time as all data syncs "real time" across linked devices; plus, its sharing boosts collaboration.

Beyond the Free, Premium and Business options, Evernote offers plenty of complementary options to enhance the functionality of this suite of apps, including Skitch, Scannable, Web Clipper, Penultimate and Evernote Food, not to mention the various market offerings, like Triangle Commuter Bag, Jot Script Stylus, ScanSnap Scanner, Pfeiffer platforms and Moleskin notebooks.

How Can Evernote Benefit You?
The ways in which you can use Evernote are limitless. In my Evernote Advanced course, I go beyond the basics to cover all the following ways in which you can use Evernote to boost productivity while aiding your peace of mind as well as helping your collaboration and communication abilities:
- task and project management options
- documenting and sharing workflow processes
- writing more proficiently, especially as a word processor
- hold better meetings
- options to enhance contact management
- be better prepared for emergencies
- go paperLESS and create an online file cabinet
- streamline and better enjoy traveling
- assist gift-giving and recognition programs
- track invoices and compile reimbursements to manage money
- enhance work with clients, especially record-keeping and sharing information
- photo storage and sharing options
- and much, much more...

For everything you'll do, Evernote is the workspace in which you can best get it done... Write, collect, find and present on every device you use everyday.

What is Unique About Evernote Business?
If you compare the Premium option to the basic, Free option, you'll see the additions of four times larger note capacity, the ability to annotate PDFs instead of just photos, presentation mode, context provided for your current work via related notes in your database as well as related news in the News Corp family, ability to search text in uploaded documents and being able to work with notes offline; still, there are specific benefits offered in Evernote Business that can't be found anywhere else.

In addition to being the central hub for your employees to work together, communicating and collaborating for better results, it's also the one main spot to keep, share and find companywide documents alongside your personal contents. Within Evernote Business, all team members can find their own information as well as the business' information quickly and easily whenever needed.

- Secure, flexible sharing so new hires can easily be given access to company information while that access can be quickly cut off should said team member depart. The business owner can rest assured that information is secure while those collaborating never fear anything being lost.

- There is plenty of room for projects to grow as the monthly upload for Evernote Business is greater than that for the Free and Premium versions. Each user receives 2GB of monthly uploads for their personal notebooks and 2GB of monthly uploads for their business notebooks, totaling 4GB a month.

- Access to everyone's knowledge boosts team collaboration, communication and output. Team members can speak with one another and share details real time via Work Chat. Plus, as team members create, edit or view content, Evernote Business highlights related content in the companywide database as well as in News Corp content or on LinkedIn; the team becomes smarter!

How Can This Evernote Business Certified Consultant Help You?
I can help you and your team determine which Evernote option is best for your unique needs; then, together, we create workflows and systems within the Evernote suite of apps that empower you to take advantage of all the features and benefits provided within this robust productivity tool. Via this partnership, you are able to successfully deploy implementation of Evernote, learning best practices to make your adoption of this tool as seamless as possible. Plus, with ongoing training, support and maintenance systems, you are able to make adjustments before every getting too far off course.

With your own consultant to help get Evernote Business up and running quickly, you achieve improved productivity more quickly while establishing habits to make that success last longer.

Do you and your business currently use Evernote Business? Why or why not? How could you envision this tool better enhancing your productivity so you reach even loftier goals?

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