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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Schedule What Needs to Move from "To-Do" to "Done"

Assign Deadlines to Fuel Success
I have yet to find a calendar that includes "someday". I've seen Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc, but Someday keeps escaping me... Wouldn't it be great if "I'll get to that someday" could remotely mean that we'd get it accomplished?!?

Instead, when a spare moment arises, we're rarely motivated to put that towards those unscheduled or procrastinated tasks; we must schedule what we want done. Every "what" assigned a specific "when" is more likely to get completed. It is in pairing a task with a realistic deadline and scheduling its completion during an actual date and time that we convert dreams to goals.

As we come to the conclusion of third quarter, I have a challenge for you... Which dreams can you convert to goals, assigning a specific "when" to each "what" that must be completed?

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