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Friday, August 28, 2020

Final Friday's Fab Finds for August 2020

As we're over two-thirds of the way through the summer of 2020, the world around us seems both like an opportunity for growth, change and betterment as well as a hamster wheel of Groundhog Days in the middle of so much craziness that we can't control... Amidst the mental and emotional overwhelm, it's vital to fill our toolboxes with what will best boost productivity and help us cultivate the lives we want. For this final Friday's fab finds, here are a handful of the lovely things currently helping me focus in on what matters most and enthusiastically pursue my many passions.

Back in July, my to-do list included the goal to "master face skincare routine", and my efforts at this uncovered a true gem. I've been using True Botanicals' Pure Radiance Oil, and I absolutely love it. All of their products are certified nontoxic and sustainably made as well as vegan and cruelty-free; plus, there's a quiz on their homepage to help figure out exactly which products will best meet one's face skincare needs. As explained on their website, the "face oils deliver nutrients and antioxidants deep into skin, for healing from the inside out." I use the Clear option to treat and prevent acne while minimizing the effects of aging, but all the face oils provide great, clarifying moisturizers that balance skin, which is vital for smooth, hydrated and healthy skin.

As many folks are getting out and about more while wearing a face mask, waiting 6' apart and washing hands as often as possible, there's a continuing need for hand sanitizer. Back when it was nearly impossible to find hand sanitizer on store shelves, I went searching for an option that wouldn't dry my hands out so badly, and I discovered By Humankind's Kindfill™️ Hand Sanitizer refill, which is such a necessary assist these days. This moisturizing, alcohol-based hand sanitizer comes in a large, 8-ounce bottle that is designed to refill your travel-size plastic bottles, and it's surprising cost-effective. The gel formula consists of 65% alcohol, offers Eucalyptus or Grapefruit options that include essential oils and smells (and feels) so much better than other sanitizers I've experienced.

Verb Energy Bars are made with organic green tea, providing as much caffeine as an espresso with only 90 calories. They use exclusively gluten-free, vegan ingredients that are in most folks' kitchens, each bar is small enough to stash in a desk drawer or the pocket of your purse without worrying about anything melting, and you can test them out with a starter kit of Maple Blueberry, Coconut Chai, Salted Peanut Butter and Simply Cocoa. I truly enjoy the Coconut Chai version and appreciate how easy they make getting refills via texts.

Watermelon is a summertime fixture and one of my favorite foods. Even as I have certainly been enjoying my fair share of fresh-cut watermelon slices, I've become a big fan of cold-pressed watermelon juice, whether that's from WTRMLN WTR® or Tsamma Juice. It's easy to keep a bottle handy while working from home, especially with how it's deliciously hydrating via natural electrolytes from watermelon. Every bottle of Tsamma contains over one and a half pounds of Frey Farms' watermelons, cold-pressed, gently pasteurized and cold-packed to protect essential nutrients. Both companies market that their juices include L-Citrulline + Lycopene. These options for watermelon juice are both tasty and healthy, which is a major win-win, especially with all that vitamin C to help me stay well amidst a global pandemic.

I’d love to know what you’re currently using, loving and finding can bring you a little comfort amidst the hectivity of life. Add a comment here or email me, and maybe I’ll give your suggestion a try for an upcoming “Final Friday’s Fab Finds” post. Or do you have any feedback on prior months' fab finds that you've tried? Take care, y’all!

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