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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy National Fight Procrastination Day!

Today is the day to look back at what new year's resolutions you haven't addressed, pull out that running list of all you want to do so you can find something you’ve been avoiding and simply get started. That’s all I ask… Just get started. Take the first step toward success.

The rationale behind procrastinating might be endless, but each reason is something you can overcome. Some folks procrastinate because they are overwhelmed, don’t know how to get started or can’t prioritize to determine what should be addressed first. In fact, I’m a little amazed by all the support offered on this site for procrastinators to continue procrastinating. Yet, sometimes, completing the task at hand can be as simple as starting.

- Break projects into smaller, bite-sized actions.

- Set deadlines for each of those specific tasks.

- Ask for help or direction on anything that is confusing or unclear.

- Hold yourself accountable for meeting the designated deadlines.

- Assign rewards for celebrating successful completion of listed tasks. 

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” While those words can be reassuring to any procrastinator, the successful folks that spout out “get ‘er done” do not subscribe to Mark Twain’s philosophy. They know the importance of getting started.

As Fight Procrastination Day, today is the day to get things done… Today, you will accomplish something, big or small; cross it off your to-do list and feel empowered by moving forward. Make a decision. Take action. Do something. 

What will you do today to fight procrastination? What will be the to-do you tackle, big or small?

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