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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Not Too Late To Get Clear For The New Year

Each of us has only 1,440 minutes in each day, meaning 10,080 minutes in each week and just 525,600 minutes in each year to accomplish all we desire. Time is a limited resource so it is imperative that each of us manages our actions within the limited time we have to maximize it. Throughout the month of December, I shared with you a series of blog posts and related videos to assist you in making 2015 your best year thus far. The new year may have already kicked off; however, if you haven't already, you can still take action in organizing for your greatest success this year.

A. Verify your clarity in regards to priorities, goals and objectives.

  1. Click here for the strategic-planning questions that must be answered to derive your current priorities; then, create a goal for each of the determined priorities that is supported by a SMART objective, meaning Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-related.
  2. Practice being strategic and proactive about which items you choose to give your limited time, utilizing the tactics shared here to say "no" when opportunities do not align with your priorities. Make time in your schedule for what brings you joy and matters most, realizing that every "yes" you offer means a "no" to something else; you'll want to be choosy with a "yes" reply.
B. Implement the following productivity tools to support your efforts in proactive scheduling:
  1. Weekly Strategy Session = Evaluate which of the prior week's tasks were left undone and determine when each can be rescheduled; review the upcoming week's commitments to ensure you're prepared for each task or appointment; determine growth opportunities, and map out a plan for proactively addressing your top priorities.
  2. Morning Jumpstart = Enter each day with 3 - 5 "must-do" items, and, then, start with the most difficult or vital task, maybe one that you've been avoiding which will bring great relief by accomplishing; take each element of any project step-by-step so it's manageable and feasible.
  3. End-of-Day Wrap-Up = Prepare the next day's "must-do" list, accounting for what didn't get done during the current day; verify you're prepared for everything on the next day's agenda; get end-of-day updates from your team, tidy up your workspace and reflect on your day's greatest success, making note of that for which you're grateful.
C. Capitalize on the Power of One with one of each productivity tool listed below:
  1. One calendar to include personal and professional, whether paper or electronic
  2. One place for all your to-do items, pulling daily must-do items from a running list of tasks
  3. One "data dump" so you search one place for everything that might need to be referenced
  4. One address book / contact relationship management tool
  5. One weekly strategy session as outlined above
D. Prepare your calendar solution for optimum success
  1. Make sure your calendar is equipped with all the holidays, birthdays, important events and reminders you'll need throughout the new year, adding alerts as needed.
  2. Get in a habit of documenting all activities; our brains are more for thinking than remembering.
E. Address any issues existing with your contacts solution
  1. Make sure all your contacts are in one place, whether personal or professional connections.
  2. Double-check that each contact record has the most up-to-date information, like phone number, email address, job title, place of employment and relevant notes; consider apps like EasilyDo, Humin, Sync.ME, Brewster, EverContact and FullContact to make that process easier.
  3. Develop a system for continually inputting updated or additional information.
  4. Click here to evaluate going from an address book to a Contact Relationship Manager.
F. Organize your morning routine to establish a proper foundation for a successful day ahead.
  1. End each night by planning for the next day's morning.
  2. Remove unnecessary actions from your morning routine.
  3. Streamline your processes for getting ready, including the addition of a "drop zone" by door.
  4. Make the most of every minute, giving consideration to how good health impacts productivity.
G. Clean out and organize your workspace so it is a powerful tool in your productivity toolbox.
  1. Take time to edit the contents, whether paper, electronic or objects, and retain only what's accurate, applicable, useful or bringing you joy.
  2. Address what emails you get daily, unsubscribing from what you no longer read and considering a bundle via for those you do read regularly.
  3. Verify everything to remain is strategically assigned a "home" and that you have a solution for what's to arrive.
What steps have you taken or will you take now to make 2015 your best year thus far? What is your vision for the new year, and how will you proactively prepare for success in it making that happen?

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