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Monday, February 1, 2016

Maintain What Systems You Create

As we start February, it is time to reflect on the progress made thus far this year. On this blog, we have covered so much ground throughout January. From habits that will aid being proactively productive to tools that one can implement for better or more efficient results, there are so many tiny tips to fuel your successes.

Yet, the 31 posts I've shared to jumpstart your new year are only the start. It is important to get organized and create systems; however, maintaining your organization is where productivity fuels true success. The challenge moving forward is to maintain what foundation has been developed.

Since none of us can envision all the hurdles we will face going into making changes, be reassured that backsliding is normal and to be expected. However, how we respond to those hurdles and any regression that occurs will determine our ultimate success.

Ask others for help to keep you on track. When you share your goals and what actions you are taking to achieve your desired results, you create a type of accountability that helps. Still, outwardly soliciting others' support is even more powerful.

Take charge of what resources are available to you. Sign up for free newsletters that will continually remind you of where you want to be headed. Join Facebook groups or Google+ circles that can provide ongoing support with changes you'd like to maintain.

Utilize reminders to stay the course. Set alarms on your mobile devices to trigger your new habits. Add sticky notes or labels around your workspace, home or vehicle as visual aides.

Be willing to continually review your progress. What works for someone else often won't work for you so you might need to tweak what habits, techniques and tools you've adopted to best meet your personality and specific needs. Plus, as the world around you evolves, your needs will change, and  you'll need to adapt suitably.

Take action to overcome common impediments to change, and you'll reap the benefits of success throughout the year. 

What have you implemented from my posts throughout January to jumpstart your new year? What is your game plan for maintaining that organization so your enhanced productivity can fuel your true and continued success?

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