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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Do You Look to Squeeze Every Minute Out of the Day?

Has it really been over 8 months since my last post to the Tips To Organize For Success blog? Yes, I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging, investing that time in making sure Organize for Success, LLC is growing effectively and efficiently to best meet the needs of my clients while making the greatest impact on improving this world. To make sure my company is moving in the right direction, I'd love your feedback (and your referrals) as you see the following best fitting into your life and your loved ones' lives.

The vision statement for Organize for Success, LLC is to "Make life efficient for time-crunched leaders" while its mission statement is "Maximize work / life solutions for meaningful results with your very limited time." Since we are gifted only 1,440 minute each day, it is imperative that each of us invest every minute as best we can to achieve our current priorities in each domain of our lives: work or school, home or family, community or society and the private realm of mind, body and spirit. Although we cannot achieve complete success in all domains at one time, harmony is possible as we work to have each domain complement the others.

Life is fluid, meaning there is an ebb and flow to our priorities. At some points in life, our emphasis might be more on work or school while, at other points, our emphasis is more on home or family. The key is to adjust our organizational systems, workflow processes, technological tools and general approaches to getting things accomplished accordingly so we best address the most important goals for each specific moment in the cycle of life.

In fulfilling this mission statement and working towards this vision, I partner well with several types of folks, which are detailed below:

  • Time-crunched, high achievers who want to squeeze every minute out of each day.
  • Overwhelmed managers who have more deadlines than hours or days to get it all accomplished.
  • Teams that need tools and technology to better collaborate for attaining loftier goals and desired results.

As my business continues growing and I near Organize for Success' 10th anniversary, I've revamped my packages, expanded my eBooks, added a self-paced online video course and renewed my emphasis on speaking engagements nationwide to share more useful tidbits with a greater portion of those needing my help.

When you think about your own productivity and how you handle each day's limited time, with what do you struggle the most? Where do you feel like you are losing time or being inefficient?

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