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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eliminate App-Related Overwhelm in Three Steps

Can't find the app you need on your smartphone quickly enough at the time you need it? Can't remember what all is on your smartphone to begin your search? Tired of digging through unused apps for those you can't live without? If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the many options downloaded to your phone, have no fear... That smartphone can get back to being a user-friendly productivity tool with just a few steps. Start with the following three actions:

* Get rid of the lemons and clunkers... If you aren't using it, you either don't know how to use it or it is just not applicable to your needs. Find those no longer needed and delete them. This will clear up space so there's less visual clutter and leave only those you really want to use.

* Thoroughly utilize what apps remain... Learn all the services offered by those remaining apps. Determine how those services could be applicable for meeting your needs. Develop habits for using those tools. Practice, practice, practice, and ask if you're unsure about what a tool can do, whether you ask the app's help desk, search the web or shoot me an email.

* Be purposeful about what apps you add in the future... If you download an app just to give it a try, schedule on your calendar a date for its deletion should you decide it's not one to be kept. Then, don't add another app unless you can envision a need being met by it.

There are many that I love, but I want to hear from you... Which apps have a permanent home on YOUR smartphone? Why?

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