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Friday, July 12, 2013

Options For Password Managers

If you're considering electronic storage of your passwords, here are some options that might meet your needs:

- LastPass (limited, free option or $12/year premium): With one, master password, you can log into websites via one click, auto-complete forms, securely store data & notes, synchronize across different browsers & devices and access your data from mobile devices while on the go. This solution works across all major platforms and has the added security of two-factor authentication.

- SplashID ($19.95 desktop + $9.99/mobile device): While this option provides multi-platform services similar to those of LastPass, it's a tad bit more complicated. If seeking more bells & whistles, try this one and see how comfortable you become with all that it offers.

- Roboform ($9.95 for first year; $19.95/year after): Full functionality of this option is limited to only Windows-based devices. Roboform has a relatively tricky set-up process for its installation. However, if you work primarily on a Windows-based PC, it's worth a try.

- 1Password ($49.99 for Mac OR Windows; $69.99 for both; $17.99 / iOS device): For some folks, it's a little concerning that your 1Password data is housed in Dropbox's servers; however, for most, the extreme cost of this option makes it most prohibitive. Either way, you get 1-click login for secure websites, easy online shopping checkout with credit card storage and instant syncing across your various devices. Currently, it is not available for Android devices so it's more Apple-focused.

- KeePass Password Safe (free for Windows PCs): This OSI Certified open source software offers a free alternative for those working solely on desktop PCs. While most others store your passwords in "the cloud", KeePass keeps them on your computer's hard drive, which is why they cannot be accessible remotely.

When comparing these options, what's most important is your comfort level with how well each particular tool fulfills the one-click logins and the tool's general layout. Therefore, I recommend you take advantage of each option's free trial and look closely at the online demos. Which password manager do you prefer?
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