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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clients Are The Foundation of Every Business

This Client's Day, we show gratitude for our customers because, without customers, there would be no business. Whether the customers of your products and services are visitors to shopping centers or e-commerce website visitors, they are each company's most valued partners. Since 2010, companies and government institutions alike have had March 19th as a dedicated day for showing gratitude to those clients who are the foundation of our businesses.

Celebrate today by making a client smile like never before. Here are ideas from to get your creative juices flowing but do what's best for your clients:

- Post a sign by your entrance to share "We love our clients!"

- Add a banner to your website showing your appreciation

- Have your CEO call smaller clients for a brief chat

- Volunteer locally to share your social responsibility

- Bake a big cake for anyone stopping by to enjoy

- Send a letter expressing your appreciation

- Distribute postcards with a big, smiling emoji on the front

- Share happy-face stickers with everyone in your offices

- Offer tea and cookies to all customers

- Invite your clients to lunch or dinner

- Provide clients with a useful and personal gift item

- Let your client pay a bill after its due date

- Organize a "behind-the-scenes" tour of your company so clients see how things work and that about which you are passionate

How will you share with your clients how unbelievably important they are to you and your business? I'm off to write a few extra thank you notes and to take today's client a tasty treat!

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