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Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Can Emily Parks Help Me Organize for Success?

If you are out and about, networking across Raleigh, the Triangle, North Carolina or anywhere in the nation, chances are good you've met several productivity consultants and professional organizers. With so many specialties and niches in the professional organization industry, I frequently get asked, "Don't y'all do the same things?" or "What makes you different from XYZ?".

Here are a few points of differentiation for me (Emily Parks) and my company (Organize for Success, LLC):

I partner with busy professionals and corporate teams. Although some challenges are alike in residential environments, I have a skill set fine-tuned for the distinct needs of workspaces, whether in four walls, a shared space, a vehicle or an airport.

I specifically said "partner" because I serve as someone working with you to help you succeed in your endeavors. Together, we determine your unique needs and create a game plan specifically for attaining your desired results.

I help you make every minute matter. In each day, there are only 1,440 minutes; when you invest your limited resource of time in doing something, you are inherently saying no to doing something else. I help you use all available resources for best investing your time in each of these ways:
- efficient workflow processes;
- an organized and streamlined workspace;
- using the best technology in the most appropriate way;
- planning strategically to proactively address your priorities;
- thoroughly utilizing delegation and automation options; and
- communicating skillfully.
Be amazed by what you can do in 15 minutes!

I believe it is through work-life integration that we are our best, developing harmony, efficiencies and lower stress. Many people speak of the elusive "work-life balance"; however, when I hear that, I think of a see-saw, where success in one area of life leads to failure in another. I do not believe my "work" competes with my "life"; instead, I see how they complement each other. Life encompasses many different elements: work, home, community and the realm of mind, body and spirit. As stated by Stew Friedman of the Wharton Leadership Program, "you don't have to sacrifice, tradeoff or balance to have sane, productive and meaningful work life and home life." As human-beings, we wear many different hats and fill many different roles all the time; the emphasis on each is constantly evolving and rotating so I help you create systems and implement tools for the fluid system needed to address all appropriate elements of life and living.

Productivity is focusing your actions to achieve your desired results for work-life integration as efficiently as possible so you can make every minute matter. I am driven to make a difference in this world, helping you and your team stop treading water so you can start attacking more of what is really important.

Do you worry that you're missing opportunities? Do you feel buried in email or simply unable to keep up? Are you constantly in a frenzied or stressful state? Do you wonder how many commitments are falling through the cracks? Does it feel impossible to get anything accomplished amidst the distractions? If so, let me help you organize for success.

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