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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Regularly Perform a Time Audit to Avoid Burnout

According to, burnout is "fatigue, frustration or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork or intense activity". Often times, this burnout directly results from a lack of alignment between your actions and your goals or priorities. Your health depends on taking action to avoid such burnout.

Since burnout is usually due to a misalignment between your goals and your daily actions, regularly complete a time audit to verify your actions are in alignment with your goals, priorities and values. For example, are you attending meetings you don't really need to be in just so you can be seen there? Verify meetings you attend have a structured agenda, set goals and a need for input from all there. Invest your time wisely to focus on what's most important as each day has only 1,440 minutes.

Our individual circumstances change at different stages in our lives so be ready for the percent of each day devoted to each element of your life to vary from time to time. Some days will have a greater investment of time in work while others will focus more time on community; keep your focus fluid as needs shift between work, home, community or society and the private realm of mind, body and spirit. Still, as emphases shift, focus all actions on your goals.

How do you monitor the ways you're investing your time to make sure they align with your goals, priorities and values? Will you implement a time audit to achieve better work-life integration and avoid burnout?

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