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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Music Matters

Retailers have been integrating music into marketing campaigns for years to drive behavior, boost consideration and fuel sales. There is a great deal of research about how music affects our moods while driving, particularly for teenage drivers. Researchers have found that time feels like it is moving more quickly while we listen to music, and there is even a book named The Psychology of Music, written by Diana Deutsch, which can be purchased from here. It goes without saying that, yes, music does matter!

Yet, the reach and influence of music's abilities do not stop there. Music can be a very powerful addition to your productivity toolbox. Depending on the type of music you are listening to at any given time, music can help you accomplish all of the following:

- Set the mood

- Motivate behavior

- Stop procrastination

- Drive focus and concentration

- Energize

- Fuel performance

- Calm our spirits

When you are looking to plow through a daunting task, increase the challenge of your workout or recuperate from a stressful day, turn on a song that will help you achieve your desired results. If you are seeking inspiration, Lifehack offers "30 Inspirational Songs that Keep You Motivated for Life" or you can do a quick Google search for "music to ____" and insert what you are attempting.

Is music currently one of the tools in your productivity toolbox? If not, how can you utilize music to drive results?

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