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Monday, January 11, 2016

Delete and Discard Can Be Our Friends

When you look at the space in which you work, do you see clutter and piles? The more we have, then the more we have to sift through to find what we need when we need it, and those wasted moments can be better invested with other activities.

Always remember that delete and discard can be our friends! Whether email, paper, electronic documents or physical items, keep only what is accurate, applicable, useful or bringing you joy, and you'll better utilize your workspace as a tool in your productivity toolbox.

If you are struggling in deciding whether to keep something, consider what would be the worst-case results if you discarded it but needed it later. Are there legal ramifications? Can the content be easily found online or recreated? There is nothing wrong with keeping things, but I encourage you to be strategic (and selective) about what you choose to fill your workspace.

What is your current process for deciding what to keep or discard? Once you've reviewed everything in your space, how will you maintain such order, including an ongoing review of what you have kept as well as what's new?

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