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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Which of Your Tasks Can You Do in 10 Minutes?

Throughout your day, as you move seamlessly between time commitments, free blocks of time do not regularly appear. However, in those magical moments when a meeting wraps up early or you are waiting for your next appointment, you definitely do not want to waste those precious moments determining what can be done within the available timeframe. 

If circumstances gift you with 10 minutes of free time but you spend 5 minutes determining what can be done within the available time, you lose time to get more done. Alternatively, if you keep a list readily available of which to-do items can be completed in a 10-or 30-minute time slot, you are ready to hit the ground running when such blocks of time become available.

As you are documenting your running list of to-do items, denote how long you anticipate each taking, particularly for those that fit within smaller blocks of time. When free time occurs, you can glance at your list to see which of the denoted times for completing listed tasks will fit within what time is available.

Do you know which of the items on your running to-do list can be completed within 10 minutes? If not, for which tasks can you add an estimated time to complete it?

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