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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Take Time to Send Hand-Written Notes

Today's busy professionals can benefit from productivity hacks that make the most of the time we have each day. Each day's 1,440 minutes go by quickly so it is imperative to make every minute matter. However, at times, there can be additional value in taking a few extra minutes to distinguish ourselves from others.

Since it is so easy to shoot off an email or text, be different... Take time to send hand-written notes.

There are many instances in which a hand-written note is a great idea, such as the following:

- to say thanks for someone's support or extra effort

- to congratulate someone on an achievement or new job

- to share an article you think might be useful or of interest

- to let someone know you have been thinking about him or her, whether out of the blue or during a difficult time for that person

- to acknowledge a special event or holiday, particularly less acknowledged holidays like the start of a new day, Valentine's Day, the anniversary of working with a client or someone's birthday

My only caveat in recommending hand-written notes is that some folks like to hold onto every note they have ever received, which creates additional clutter. Sending and receiving hand-written notes can be great; yet, you might want to include a message that encourages the recipient to recycle the note after reading.

Do you like sending or receiving hand-written notes? In what instances do you find them most valuable?

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