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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Document Your Ideal Clients to Attract Them This Year

There is a positive energy that invigorates us as we work with certain types of people; on the other hand, it can put a drain on our energy reserves when we are working with other types of individuals. As time is a limited resource, to the best of our abilities, it behooves us to invest our time with those who make life more enjoyable; however, it is not always easy to attract into our lives the types of people that invigorate us and bring us joy.

Block out some time to document your ideal client. Focus on those with whom spending time is delightful, client sessions which are such a pleasure that time simply flies. Make sure to write down those clients' age, gender, location, industry, role in company, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs and way in which they interact with others. Focus on the details because they matter!

Once you have a thorough visual of those with whom you want to invest your limited resource of time, it is much easier to attract them into your life, strategically focusing on places, events and activities that will connect you with your ideal client.

Then, take action... Go back to your calendar and schedule in time for the places, events and activities that will attract your ideal client to you, making sure you are not squandering any of your time with folks who drain your energy unless you absolutely must do so. Be strategic and proactive to utilize the comprehensive description created for your ideal client so you can fill your workdays with time spent helping those that create the best partnerships for you and your business.

Do you have a clear understanding of which clients invigorate you, make your sessions more joyful and with whom you really like working? If so, how do you proactively attract them into your business? If not, what steps can you take towards doing so today or this week?

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