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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Focus Your Task Management for Greater Success

With magazines like Woman's Day telling us to "Stand like a superhero to boost confidence", it is easy to feel like we are Superwoman or Batman and can accomplish infinite tasks each day. However, that is simply not the case... Each of us is human and, therefore, can accomplish only what is feasible within the constraints of each day. With work-life integration, we can often achieve multiple goals with a single action, but that does not change the facts: As we have only 1,440 minutes in each day, every human-being has limited abilities to get it all done each day.

While it is important to keep a running data-dump of all that must get done, save yourself the disappointment of not getting it all accomplished in one day by being realistic: Plan on no more than 3-5 must do tasks per day. Yes, it is possible that you will do much more than the 3-5 items listed; yet, there is also an equally strong chance of the phone ringing, email coming in or someone stopping by your office with an "emergency" that pulls you away from your own productivity. Leaving your must do list at only 3-5 items empowers you with buffers for unforeseen barriers to getting things done.

During each daily wrap-up, as you look at the running data-dump of all that must get done to cull together the next day's 3-5 must do items, consider all your options. What can be delegated to someone else or handled by technology? What can be deleted completely? What are the benefits of getting the item completed sooner than later? What would be the ramifications for holding off on completing the task until later? What best achieves your goals?

Highlight those 3-5 must do tasks amidst everything in your running data-dump of to-do items. Whether you choose to write them out on a 3" x 5" index card, jot them down on a Post-It note to keep visible throughout the day or set a reminder in your electronic task manager, it is important to make sure those 3-5 tasks are constantly in your top-of-mind awareness during the day.

How many items are on your to-do list for today? If you're looking at a never-ending list right now, what steps can you take to focus that on 3-5 items for this particular workday?

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