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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Top Ten Favorite Colors

Organize for Success® Turns 10
In honor of 10 years of business for Organize for Success®, I will be posting a "top 10" list to this blog each day through Wednesday, May 31st. Each Sunday, my team will randomly select from those who commented on the prior week's "top 10" blog posts for a gift card giveaway and free download of one eBook from The grand prize package for celebrating Organize for Success, LLC's 10 years in business will be awarded on Thursday, June 1st, randomly selecting from all those who commented on any of the month's "top 10" blog posts as well as those who have subscribed to my eNewsletter for a winner to receive downloads of all 5 eBooks, a pass for my Stress and Time Management online video course as well as a 60-minute video productivity consultation.

Today, let's cover my top ten favorite colors:

10. Sunflower Yellow - This warm color is bright, vibrant, full of energy and so happy! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, and I can't seem to look at them without smiling. The yellow of sunflowers has the same effect on me, regardless of whether I see it in household decorations, articles of clothing, nature or anywhere else.

9. Portobello Mushroom - As opposed to the harshness of black, this gray offers a softer neutral. Plus, one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes happens to be a pair of knee-high boots made of suede in this particular color. They go with nearly anything I wear in the fall or winter and always make me feel great. Such a versatile color!

8. Tangerine Orange - This sassy color screams summer to me, including the energy of kids running around outside, the warmth of the best time to be on the beach (4-7pm, of course) and the many tasty treats available at local farmers markets. It happens to be one of my favorites to wear year-round but especially when it's warmer.

7. Rich Chocolate Brown - This shade of brown is my preferred neutral. Further, it's the exact shade of Tim McGraw's eyes, which I got to gaze into as he serenaded me with "Unbroken" back in 2015. Finally, as a dedicated chocoholic, I must admit how I've often shared the question of "Don't we eat meals in order to get to dessert?!?"

6. Greenery - This refreshing shade reminds me each day is a new beginning; it's up to me to ensure I invest my limited time in the best ways to make the world better than I entered it. This revitalizing color reminds me of early spring, when nature is renewed, flowers flourish and the outdoors is a little fresher. It's such an enlivening color!
5. Old Gold and Black - I am well aware that this item on the list is actually two different colors; however, these will be forever linked as one in my mind. The colors of my dear, old Wake Forest University as well as my sorority of Kappa Alpha Theta are both black and gold, which makes this pair one entity.

4. Deep Turquoise - This color merges together the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, creating visions of peaceful, tropical waters and an escape from everyday life. It has depth and is intriguing while instilling calm and restoring my energy reserves. Not to mention what a great shade it is for jewelry!

3. Dusky Royal Magenta - Pairing together confidence, warmth and energy, this radiant shade of bright purple is expressive, creative and engaging. I find it to be full of life and truly sparkling, a color for all seasons that conveys courage and vitality. This color lifts my spirit to effectively meet whatever challenges arise.

2. Orange Popsicle - This vibrant color reminds me of September, the month in which I was born. Most folks think of it as autumn; however, summer lasts through September 22nd, and I think this color represents that transition well, especially the many Creamsicles® after school that stretched out our celebration of summer.

1. Dark Emerald Green - I absolutely love Pantone's description of this color when it was introduced as the 2013 color of the year: "Lively, radiant, lush... A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." To me, it conveys joy, love, health, happiness and wholeness. In addition to being the official color for Organize for Success®, I feel good wearing this color, and it's my go-to year-round. It is truly my favorite!

Which colors are your favorites and why? Are there any on this list you'd like to consider closer? 

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