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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Top Ten Favorite Animals

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As this is Be Kind to Animals Week, today, let's cover my top ten favorite animals:

10. Lions - These largest cats are keenly able to assert authority when needed, regularly proving how they are incredible fighters and super protective of the others in their family group or pride.

9. Bees - These insects are hard workers, highly protective and the ultimate team players, working together with their hive to produce one of my favorites, honey, the perfect addition to my hot tea.

8. Monkeys - These animals are quick learners, display high sociability and prove to be both clever as well as nimble.

7. Elephants - The largest living terrestrial animals, these are said to "remember everything", inspiring the logo for my favorite app (Evernote); they are strong, intelligent and unstoppable leaders.

6. Tigers - These mammals are believed to be very intelligent, which I'd consider street smart as they hold their own out in the wild; plus, they are the mascot for Clemson University, which is the reigning NCAA national champion for football and where my oldest sister (Sissy Parks) attended undergraduate and graduate school.

5. Horses - These very strong animals are able to function well alone as well as part of a team. Plus, they have been characterized as very productive in both scenarios, often pulling heavy objects or functioning as a much-needed mode of transportation.

4. Dolphins - Considered one of the smartest animals, dolphins move with beautiful fluidity, look out for those in their same group and like to have fun; additionally, they must be in the water, and I have great memories from my childhood of floating past where the breakers were in the ocean with my dad.

3. Butterflies - These insects feed on flower nectar, constantly moving through stages of development and continually becoming more breath-taking over time while exhibiting how we must all learn something new daily to constantly continue our own growth.

2. Dogs - While I prefer the smaller breeds, especially Cockapoo, Miniature Schnauzer and Cocker Spaniel, all dogs are loyal, friendly, protective and usually very active, helping their owners get additional exercise by regularly walking them or playing catch.

1. Eagles - These birds have vision with sharpness that is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. Eagles are fearless animals with great tenaciousness and full of life. They nurture their youth while soaring to incredible heights, like reaching lofty goals.

Which are your favorite animals and why? Further, what steps will you take to "be kind to animals" this week?

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