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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Top Ten Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag

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As this is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, today, let's cover the top ten things to keep in your gym bag, particularly to be prepared as you're running there in between other places:

10. Water Bottle - Although it may seem obvious, this is one of the most important items to pack in your gym bag. Having an empty, reusable water bottle that you can refill on-the-go will make sure you are always able to hydrate. I really like the official S'well bottles, which are stainless steel vacuum insulated, come in a variety of colors, keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours and withstand all sorts of abuse through normal wear and tear.

9. Nutrition Bar - Avoid getting hangry by fueling up pre-workout with a snack. I lean towards options to satisfy my sweet tooth, but pick which of the available healthy options best fits your needs.

8. Protein Drink Mix - Refuel post-workout with a tasty drink. Whether Gatorade, a weight-loss option or something sweet with vanilla or chocolate favor, there are plenty of options that can be added to a singe-serve bottle of milk or water for an easy solution.

7. Workout Clothes - To make sure you always have a tank top, workout pants, sports bra and tennis shoes, keep one of each in your gym bag. A membership to Fabletics allows you to order complete workout outfits form online and have them shipped directly to your home; then, during months you don't want to order, simply tel the website you want to skip that month, and you won't be charged at all. Fabletics offers high quality in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes to meet anyone's needs.

6. Pair of Socks and Extra Panties - Trying to workout without socks is a recipe for disaster. To prevent any issues, stash a pair in your gym bag, particularly during warmer weather when you're likely arriving to the gym in sandals, which means you won't be wearing socks. The same level of importance applies to having the right underwear, too, so make certain you are properly prepared.

5. Basic First Aid - Whether you choose Band-Aid brand or something else, adhesive bandages keep you able to workout, no matter whether a blister or simple cut might occur, but the need for first aid might not end that simplistically. Be sure to stock your gym bag with a compact sized first aid kit that includes full bandages, tape and gauze in the event of any mishap.

4. Specialty Workout Supplies - Depending on what type of workout you'll be doing, there might be additional items necessary, like a yoga mat, weight-lifting gloves, tennis or racquetball racket, bathing suit, boxing gloves, knee / elbow sleeves and eye protection. Know what you'll be doing before you head to the gyn so you can take the right equipment or, if you regularly do something needing extra supplies, keep those in your bag all the time to make sure you're prepared.

3. Select Toiletries - Use face wipes to swipe make-up off before exercising and clean-up a bit after, which helps fight breakouts. Dry shampoo solves the dilemma of working out with no shower nearby and when you aren't headed home after your workout. BB cream moisturizes your face post-workout while adding subtle coverage to reduce redness and cover any imperfections. Lip balm should be applied before and after each workout to keep your lips hydrated and prevent the distraction of dry lips during any workout. Baby wipes are useful in wiping down any particularly sweaty areas or to clean-up any space during your workout session; then, make sure you have deodorant to reapply post-workout. I recommend keeping some coconut oil in your bag as the uses for coconut oil are endless. And don't forget a brush!

2. Tech Tools - At my gym, our access card is within the smartphone app so it's imperative that I remember to take my phone inside. Likewise, music can be an essential element of working out for many of us so make sure to take some headphones to play your favorite tunes from your phone. JayBird's wireless pair of earbuds fit securely on your ear, have a a sweat-proof warranty and offer 8 hours of battery life. If the locker room offers access to an electrical outlet, keep an extra set of charging cords in your gym bag to recharge your devices before or after working out; the Neet Cable Keepers will protect your charging cables, make it easier to wrap them up for stashing in your gym bag and add color to differentiate which cord goes with which device. Keep your tech tools organized and easily accessible with some sort of zippered bag or the Leather Charger Roll Up from Mark and Graham.

1. Towel - If your gym charges a "towel rental fee", you'll want to avoid it; if your gym doesn't add fees for towels, avoid being left without one when all the clean towel supplies run out. Sweat in your eyes and slippery yoga mats won't help your workout success so be armed with your own towel, preferably a microfiber cloth as it absorbs well and dries quickly. If not a microfiber option, consider Nike's Jacquard Towel, which is small and cotton, coming with a carabiner so you can hook it to your machine for easy access.

What kinds of things do you keep in your gym bag? Are there any on this list that you'll be adding to what you have?

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