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Friday, May 19, 2017

Top Ten Self-Care Strategies

Organize for Success® Turns 10 
In honor of 10 years of business for Organize for Success®, I will be posting a "top 10" list to this blog each day through Wednesday, May 31st. Each Sunday, my team will randomly select from those who commented on the prior week's "top 10" blog posts for a gift card giveaway and free download of one eBook from The grand prize for celebrating Organize for Success, LLC's 10 years will be awarded on Thursday, June 1st, randomly selecting from all those who commented on any of the month's "top 10" blog posts as well as those who have subscribed to my eNewsletter for a winner to receive downloads of all 5 eBooks, a pass for my Stress and Time Management online video course as well as a 60-minute productivity consultation via video conference.

In honor of this National Mental Health Awareness Month, which spreads the word that mental health is something everyone should care about, let's cover my top 10 self-care strategies:

10. Drink a cup of warm green tea. This soothing beverage is packed with antioxidants, and I like to mix mine with some honey and lemon juice for the perfect jump-start to any morning or mid-afternoon. My Keurig makes this an easier self-care strategy, particularly with many green tea options for me to rotate between, like Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Tazo and Twinings.

9. Get a facial. In addition to keeping my face healthy, limiting the effects of aging and minimizing my acne, getting a facial is such a relaxing as well as energizing experience. I have a membership at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa so I'm more easily able to make this part of my regular investments in myself.

8. Diffuse essential oils. As explained by mindbodygreen, essential oils can be "a great, simple way to reset that doesn't take much time or effort." While there are several suggested oils in the article linked above, I really like Breathe, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, On Guard and Peppermint oils from doTERRA, but I'm trying to transition to Young Living Essential Oils with the help of a friend.

7. Absorb some vitamin D. Unfortunately, my skin can burn by simply winking at the sun; however, I find a little vitamin D can be life-altering, whether from sitting in front a coffee shop while enjoying a treat, walking in the park or getting outside in between appointments. It uplifts my mood and boosts my productivity.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables. Stress can make it more difficult to maintain a healthy diet, but I find that indulging in my favorite fruits or vegetables helps me better face whatever stress is happening in my life at that time. As listed in my "Top Ten Favorite Foods", I absolutely love sweet potatoes and broccoli; then, in my "Top Ten Salad Ingredients", I mentioned how much I enjoy blueberries, bell peppers, apples, green peas, oranges and cucumbers, but my favorite fruit or veggie is watermelon. So many great options to keep me happy, healthy and energized!

5. Breathe deeply. Although I've not been able to fully adopt a consistent practice of meditation, I find it helpful to simply sit for a few minutes, being mindful of my breathing. It can be helpful to slowly take about 10 breaths, exhaling for longer than I inhale, calming my heart rate and focusing inward.

4. Make time for hobbies. My two favorite pastimes are sports and music. Now, I'm not the one actually playing the sports or making the music, but I absolutely love attending sports events (especially my Wake Forest University Demon Deacons), watching sporting events on TV (like my San Antonio Spurs) and attending amazing concerts. In October, I'm attending Tim McGraw's concert in Greensboro, NC, and the excitement is already building!

3. Connect with friends. Words cannot express the value of time with those folks who truly support me as I am. We care about what's happening in each other's lives and provide a supportive ear or distraction from what we can't control. Headed to lunch with one of my dearest friends today, I can attest to the value of being surrounded by like-minded souls who care about my well-being.

2. Exercise! Whether it's Zumba or Dance Jam at LifeTime Fitness or simply one of many options on my 7-Minute Workout app, when I get moving, my body releases endorphins, which boost my feelings of overall well-being. Plus, one of my friends is a workout partner so I pair connecting with friends as well as listening to great music for a triple whammy of greatness.

1. Listen to music. Anytime a happy, energetic tune with a great beat comes on, I can't help but get moving. When I hear someone say something that reminds me of a song, I can't help but start singing or the song really gets stuck in my head. Music is so empowering and enriching. From Kool & The Gang to Lionel Richie to Earth, Wind & Fire to 38 Special to so many more, there are plenty of options for music that soothes my soul, energizes my spirit and keeps me plugging forward.

What are your favorite self-care strategies? Are there any on this list you'd like to try?

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