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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top Ten Favorite Foods

Organize for Success® Turns 10
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Today, let's talk favorite foods, including some recipes and restaurants. While there is much discussion about whether folks eat to live or live to eat, I lean towards the "eat to live" camp. I think I'd forget to eat more often than actually eating if I didn't use meals as a time to connect with others or get a headache that reminds me it's time to refuel. However, our bodies need nutrition to function properly, and it's important to pay attention to our bodies' needs. With that in mind, here is today's top ten list, which are all foods that feed my soul as well as nourish my body:

10. Soup - Depending on my mood, my favorite soup can waiver between lentil, tomato bisque or bean and bacon. I absolutely loved the tomato bisque at Joule Coffee + Table; however, with its closing in December 2016, I think this favorite recipe from Ashley Christensen might've become hidden for awhile. I have wonderful memories of bean and bacon soup with Dad at Mayberry Ice Cream Restaurants, and I really like how lentil soup is both flavorful as well as filling, especially for lunch on a cold, dreary day.

9. Grilled Cheese - Whether lining the outside of the bread with butter or the new option of mayonnaise before grilling, you can't go wrong with a fresh, hot, grilled cheese. I especially like the Grown Up Grilled Cheese from Jubala Coffee, and a good grilled cheese is always an excellent pairing for any of the aforementioned soups.

8. Shrimp and Grits - There are plenty of tasty options for shrimp and grits, but I especially like the Crispy Shrimp and Grits from Driftwood Southern Kitchen as it's a little bit different from others.

7. Hot Dog - I prefer the red, Bright Leaf hot dogs made by Carolina Packers in Smithfield, NC, and, when I get mine from Char-Grill, I like to pair them simply with slaw and ketchup. It's a quick, easy and inexpensive way to shop local right here in NC.

6. Salmon - My favorite fish is a nicely grilled salmon, and, as long as it's not cooked too long, there are so many tasty variations; however, my favorite is the Cashew Salmon from Winston's Grille, which pairs well with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

5. Sweet Potato - There is no wrong way to serve this root vegetable. From baked with cinnamon sugar and butter to as a casserole such that it's mashed with marshmallows on top, sweet potatoes can be good enough to eat for dessert.

4. Broccoli - Hands-down my favorite vegetable, broccoli is its best steamed with a little bit of butter on top; however, it's also mighty good as a casserole. Whether fresh or frozen, it's flavorful while being low in calories, but it must be broccoli, not broccolini.

3. Pimento Cheese - I prefer Musten and Crutchfield's Pimento Cheese, which is made in my hometown of Kernersville, NC, but whatever kind of pimento cheese used by Jubala Coffee on its delicious biscuits is certainly a great second option.

2. Biscuits - I've grown up loving Bojangles' biscuits, but, since its opening back in January of 2011, Jubala Coffee's biscuits have found a place in my heart. These sweet, made from scratch and highly addictive biscuits pair equally well with apple butter, honey, season jam, pimento cheese or fresh berries and whipped cream.

1. Macaroni and Cheese - I'm a sucker for macaroni and cheese in any form or fashion, but I do have a couple that top my list. Y'all have not lived until you eat the Macaroni Au Gratin from Poole's Diner, but the Ashe Co. Pimento Mac-N-Cheese Custard from Beasley's Chicken + Honey is a nice second option.

Now that we are all sufficiently hungry, it's your turn to share. What are your favorite foods and from where can I get them for a taste? Are there any here that you'll try?

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