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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Top Ten Ways to Boost Energy

Organize for Success® Turns 10 
In honor of 10 years of business for Organize for Success®, I will be posting a "top 10" list to this blog each day through Wednesday, May 31st. Each Sunday, my team will randomly select from those who commented on the prior week's "top 10" blog posts for a gift card giveaway and free download of one eBook via The grand prize for celebrating Organize for Success, LLC's 10 years will be awarded on Thursday, June 1st, randomly selecting from all those who commented on any of the month's "top 10" blog posts as well as those who have subscribed to my eNewsletter for a winner to receive downloads of all 5 eBooks, a pass for my Stress and Time Management online video course as well as a 60-minute video productivity consultation.

As part of the Simple Change well-being team, I am well aware of the impact on my productivity that comes from diminishing versus replenished energy. Although what works best will be unique to each individual, here are my top ten ways to boost energy:

10. Acknowledge gratitude. Appreciate what you have, who you are with and what lessons you have learned along the way; then, take time to write them out. I find that gratitude is so powerful and writing out how I'm blessed energizes my productivity.

9. Eat well. Healthy foods spread throughout the day fuel energy, especially via magnesium and antioxidants. I really enjoy a power shake for a snack during the day: Put 1 small, ripe banana that's been sliced into a blender; add 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of honey before blending smooth, and finish it off by blending in 1 cup of cold milk until it's foamy.

8. Stay hydrated. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, including how the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and lungs are about 83% water. To function properly, we need continuous intake of liquids; therefore, keep a water bottle nearby at all times to drink from it frequently all day.

7. Breathe deeply. Oxygen is necessary for functioning; therefore, it can be helpful to slowly take about 10 breaths, exhaling for longer than I inhale, focusing inward.

6. Determine something to look forward to in the future. Whether planning for an upcoming vacation or having bought tickets to an event, that feeling of anticipation and excitement boosts energy, often even more than the adventure itself.

5. Find something to make you laugh. Sometimes, I can simply laugh at myself; other times, it's an online video that gets me giggling. Have you searched for "funniest videos on YouTube"?!? If still struggling, I chat with a peer, sharing stories to give us laughs from deep in our guts. Happiness is infectious, fueling energy.

4. Spend time with those who matter. If you are an extravert, this could be connecting with other humans in person, via video chat, over a phone call or on social media; if you are an introvert, this could be solo activities that allow you to reconnect with your spirit or one-on-ones. It's whatever speaks to your spirit most.

3. Get out in nature. I have to be careful due to allergies, but there is definitely something to be said for the power of vitamin D. A little sunlight can be refreshing and energizing, whether working on a coffee shop's patio, walking through the park, sitting close to the window in my office or plugging around town in my car.

2. Take a brisk walk. The movement gets my blood flowing, activity breeds activity, and physical activity oxygenates blood cells. It doesn't matter if I walk around an office building, run up a flight of stairs or head outside, when I get moving, I'm re-energized. If you're tired, a short walk for about 15 minutes will generate about 90 minutes of energy. Further, if you schedule walking meetings or add a conference call, it's even more powerful.

1. Listen to upbeat music. Whether it's a song that gets stuck in my head or a fast beat that gets me moving, happy tunes make me happy, which generates additional energy.

At what point during your day do you feel your energy slipping? Which are your favorite tactics for replenishing or getting an immediate boost to your energy? Will you try implementing any of the tactics listed here?

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