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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top Ten Salad Ingredients

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In honor of this National Salad Month, let's cover my top 10 salad ingredients; although I'm a big fan of chicken salad in a bowl or on a sandwich, I'll focus on the traditional definition of salads, saving room by skipping over the leafy greens and salad dressing options:

10. Blueberries - That bright blue is a great pop for any salad, particularly as some nutritionists believe adding blueberries would be the most important change you could make to your diet.

9. Sliced Almonds - Adding almonds to my salad reduces hunger, promotes healthy weight and lowers cholesterol via lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E.

8. Bell Peppers - Particularly when I mix in green, yellow and red bell peppers, they add wonderful color to my salad. Plus, I really like each of their flavors and the texture they contribute.

7. Apple Slices - Whether the variety is Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jazz or Empire, crunchy slices of a sweet, red apple add such delicious flavor, color and texture atop any salad; plus, rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber, apples reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes or heart disease.

6. Broccoli - As mentioned in my "top ten favorite foods", broccoli is hands-down my favorite vegetable, and those large, flowering heads are an ideal addition to a fresh salad, providing a flavorful ingredient that's low in calories, has wonderful texture to compliment other components and adds excellent vitamins.

5. Boiled Eggs - I love how this high protein and low-calorie addition better controls my hunger. Plus, I feel like I'm really eating something when I add two halves of an egg to my salad.

4. Green Peas - Having these little, green balls rolling around in my salad seems to add a bit of fun to the meal! Although low in fat and calories, these veggies are high in protein, fiber and micro-nutrients, helping manage weight, fight aging, protect my heart, boost my immune system, provide anti-inflammatory properties, lower bad cholesterol and give me energy.

3. Orange Slices - As oranges scream spring and summer, they add sweet flavor to any salad, providing an abundance of vitamin C, dietary fiber and plenty of helpful vitamins.

2. Salmon - Adding salmon to my salads sneaks in much-needed nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids. As a back-up meat, I'd go with grilled chicken, but salmon is definitely my preferred option.

1. Cucumbers - These vegetables offer valuable anti-inflammatory properties, fight infection, boost energy and fill me up while not adding too much weight. I like how they are good for my heart, taste really delicious and provide lots of water to keep me hydrated without drowning myself drinking liquids.

What are your favorite salad ingredients? Are there any on this list you'd like to try?

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